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Inspired by Creativity ~ Driven by Passion

Nayima Hassan - Belly Dance AcademySomething About Nayima: With over 30 years performance experience and over 20 years teaching experience in Middle Eastern dance, that’s over 8000 shows and 6000 classes, Nayima is regarded nationally and internationally as a caring teacher and great entertainer with charisma and panache galore. From warm-up to cool-down, from opening to encore, Nayima’s popularity and respected name is testimony to her passion and commitment to this divine dance art.

Being of Egyptian-Australian descent, her love for this dance quickly drew her into a full time career. Nayima has since been dedicated to raising the awareness of this women’s dance art of her ancestry. Since 1996, she has trained in Egypt with over 100 master teachers and performers from legends such as Suheir Zaki to modern day divas such as Dina and Dandash.

Nayima has spent decades meticulously crafting her own teaching methods and repertoire that 1000’s of students have now enjoyed under her artistic guidance. During her career, she has trained many teachers who now pass on her methods in other schools locally and also abroad. Nayima’s logical yet comprehensive teaching methods have stood the test of time being equally popular with recreational beginners and accomplished professionals.

Nayima has taught and performed in many countries in her career from Australia to Asia to Europe and Egypt. Scores of her newspaper interviews and articles have been published locally and internationally. She is celebrated from Adelaide to Arabia as a devoted teacher and a dynamic world class performer. Praised by many as South Australia’s leading lady of Middle Eastern dance, Nayima surely is a part of the history that shaped this dance in SA.

A Belly Dance Verse by Nayima Hassan Whether as broad and grand as the pyramids of Giza, or as tall and toppling as the tower of Pisa, Belly Dance was created by the gods for all, to include petite creatures delicate and small. Laden with beauty, grace and carriage, hypnotic music meets dance to become a marriage. A lustrous dance gem awaits within, for healing of mind, body and soul to begin. Add an essence of divine to your day, with Belly Dance by Nayima the Egyptian way. Life is too short to leave a stone unturned so “dance like no one’s watching” as an experience well earned. Whether mature like wine or young by design, the charm of this dance art will capture your heart.

Condensed Profile (Nayima in a nutshell)

  • Nayima in WhiteBelly Dance Academy founder & director SA | Est. 1995
  • Shows for celebrities, rock stars & royalty | since 1993
  • International & local performer, over 8000 shows | since 1987
  • International & local instructor, over 6000 classes | since 1995
  • Dance training internationally | since 1992
  • Dance training in Egypt | since 1996
  • Fitness leadership accreditation
  • Anatomy & physiology diploma
  • Ballet R.A.D. | 6 to 12
  • Figure skater, SA champion | 7 to 14
  • Professional ice skater | 18 to 20
  • Aerobics instructor | 18 to 20
  • Theatrical shop co-director | 15 to 23
  • Piano music & theory studies | 7 to 12

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