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Belly Funk

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Since 1995, Nayima Hassan’s teaching syllabus and class repertoire for each of her dance levels has been a highly creative work in progress drawing upon decades of experience. Whilst modifications are implemented to update and refresh, the fundamentals of authentic core elements remain timeless and intact. Nayima has trained many students to become teachers, therefore similarities in methodology, terminology and structure in other schools in South Australia may occur.

Class choreographies are created by Nayima Hassan. Some courses will incorporate a choreographed dance routine that students may wish to perform at end of term Harem Parties. Other courses will solely present a weekly variety of combinations and patterns from the artistic and technical elements of Nayima’s syllabus. Repetition of levels is recommended to enable greater consolidation for your comfortable progression and enjoyment.

Beginners (level 1)
Monday 6pm – 7pm Nayima
Wednesday 9:45am – 10:45am Nayima
Wednesday 7:15pm – 8:15pm Nayima
Saturday 12:15pm – 1:15pm Sophie

An introduction to the basic core elements of Belly Dance. A fabulously feminine workout and dance experience for all ages and fitness levels. Nayima’s step by step methods will have you dancing up a desert storm in no time at all. Dreamy melodies and rhythmic drums set a musical backdrop for your new dance discovery. As the weeks progress, you’ll learn a choreographed routine to a popular Egyptian song perfect for your next social soiree or to simply use as your own private practice piece. Clear demonstration, logical explanation, specific vocabulary and plenty of repetition all add to a pleasant and fun learning experience.

Elementary (level 2)
Monday 7:15pm – 8:15pm Nayima
Wednesday 11am – 12pm Nayima
Wednesday 6pm – 7pm Nayima
Saturday (Upstairs) 11am – 12pm Sophie

A seamless transition level as you progress from Beginners. Nayima will pick up the pace a notch and build upon basic core elements to incorporate more variety, greater use of floor space and inspiring combinations. New movements, step patterns and torso techniques from the repertoire will be unveiled to keep you improving and coming back for more. Learn to incorporate further arm elements to shape and frame your dance beautifully. A manageable yet captivating choreography will be presented to complete your Elementary dance experience. You’ll also play with glimpses of improvisation which is always fun and with plenty of new ideas under your hip belt, you’ll adore this aspect. By now you’ll be an aficionado so continue your journey with Nayima.

Intermediate (level 3)
Tuesday 6pm – 7pm Nayima
Thursday 6pm – 7pm Nayima
Saturday 11am – 12pm Nayima

A gorgeous level that evokes the wow factor. A selection of the more challenging yet simply classic movements and nuances of this dance will be revealed. Percussive hips, sinuous torso techniques, fluid arm connectivity, stunning poses and faster footwork are all to be found here. More complex musical compositions and rhythms create a natural call to action for the Intermediate dancer. There will be enough in this level to keep you delightfully occupied for terms and in many cases years. By now you’re emerging as the truly proficient dancer that you’d always dreamed of becoming.

Advanced (level 4)
Tuesday 7:15pm – 8:15pm Nayima
Saturday 9:45am – 10:45am Nayima

An exploration of the deeper dance essence as you delve even further into the fascinating world of this infinitely creative dance art. Learn to master performance level techniques as you integrate faster transitions requiring greater coordination and flexibility developed over time. Nayima’s Advanced classes have a respected reputation amongst Middle Eastern dance circles far and wide. With 1000’s of movement variations left to discover, this advanced level is refreshingly unpredictable with a balance of innovative artistry and clever combinations. An Advanced choreography by Nayima could grace any stage in the world and has done so more than ‘1001 nights’. Your curiosity may have led you to your first class years ago but your passion and dedication got you here. Mabrook! Congratulations!

Children – Belly Babies
Saturday (Upstairs) 10am – 10:45am Sophie

Belly Babies are from 4 to 7 years of age. These specialised Belly Dance classes create a magical experience to capture the imagination of children of all age groups. Your own little Princess Jasmine will be taken on a carpet ride to discover a whole new world at Adelaide’s heart of Belly Dance. Youngsters learn to move to the sounds of Arabia with poise and grace while discovering a glittering and colorful culture of music and dance. As the first in Adelaide to offer regular Belly Dance classes to children, our courses blossomed over the years to become the most popular in Adelaide.

Belly Funk
Wednesday (Upstairs) 6:15pm – 7:15pm Lisa

Belly Funk is hip, high energy and fabulously funky. Feel like a pop diva in this globally artistic and cultural dance fusion. Learn to shake it like Shakira, bop like Beyonce, rock it like Rihanna and mince like Nicki Minaj. With loads of star power struts and bootylicious moves straight from the pop goddess repertoire you’ll discover how to move in the funkiest fashion possible. This gem of a class will polish your natural luster to a brilliant sparkle in no time. Beam with delight as you build confidence to shine on any dance floor. A belly dance fusion with enough swagger to impress Mick Jagger!


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